A wide range of healthy and fresh dairy products, proudly crafted by our farmers in our Latteria.

Our philosophy

Latteria di Livigno was founded out of a desire to promote the development of the alpine environment and its economy. Dairy farmers united in a cooperative have created a place where, alongside the processing of milk products, both residents and tourists can personally experience first-hand all the deliciousness of milk. You can visit our laboratories, taste our products at our Bar Bianco or on a large outdoor terrace, and admire the vintage farming equipment in the small museum.

For over 60 years Latteria di Livigno has been processing and transforming the most genuine milk. The dairy is set in uncontaminated nature, surrounded by high altitude mountain pastures and green woods, in a place traditionally devoted to the processing of milk and its derivatives: an area where man and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

The authenticity and quality of the products are guaranteed by rearing the cattle in alpine pastures during summer, by feeding them with selected fodder and forage, by daily analysis of milk quality and by a strict protocol for processing the raw material.

Latteria di Livigno combines the tradition of a farming economy respectful of nature with the most modern production technologies, latest generation machinery for milk processing. These characteristics of tradition and innovation guarantee top quality products, a concrete and verifiable quality.

The workshop

The large windows overlooking Spöl river and the pedestrian and cycling route invite you to take a look inside the laboratories of Latteria di Livigno, as well as the glass windows of the tunnel inside our dairy from which you can follow the stages of milk processing from above.

Latteria di Livigno combines the tradition of a farming economy respectful of nature with the modernity of a technology that guarantees extremely high-quality standards. Latest generation machinery for milk processing: you can observe, for example, the sophisticated UHT milk production plant, one of the first in Europe, which reduces the bacterial load of the milk through direct injections of steam that raise the temperature to 143°C for a few seconds. The butter production room, the multi-purpose rooms where cheesemaking takes place, the fermentation tanks for yoghurt; there the machineries made by REDA (Vicenza – Italy) ensure certain, concrete and verifiable quality. In the analysis laboratory of our dairy, we daily inspect the milk collected, verifying that each sample complies with the criteria dictated by the strict internal regulation. In addition, a traceability system makes it possible to retrace every stage of processing and guarantees the customer the genuineness of the products of Latteria di Livigno.


Marco Faccinelli

General manager

Bormolini Quinto


Compagnoni Michele

Agricultural Department / Orders

Guerra Chyntya

Quality Control

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Sales Department

Belusic Alenka

Tourist Area Supervisor/Manager