Ice Cream


Ice Cream: our homemade ice cream products, the pride and joy of Bar Bianco, are of exceptional quality, made with ingredients of the finest quality such as our Whole Livigno High Quality fresh milk, and carefully selected ice cream bases with no hydrogenated fats. Our fior di latte flavour and yogurt ice cream made with whole Livigno High Quality yogurt are particularly good.






The Latteria was founded in 1954 as a turnaria dairy; that is, farmers took turns to collect milk and take care of its processing into butter and cheese.  In 1977, thanks to the conviction of a small number of farmers, the company became Latteria Agricola Cooperativa (Dairy Farm Cooperative), around which rural life in Livigno revolved; later, alongside the main task of collecting and processing milk, the municipality of Livigno entrusted the cooperative with management of the municipal agricultural plan, including control of pastures, distribution of contributions related to care and maintenance of the territory and financial support for agricultural activity.
After 25 years, a period in which the headquarters and processing plant were established in the centre of the town, the project for a new tourist dairy saw the light in 2003, and work started in May 2005; the new dairy came into being on 6 July 2006 with the start of new production. Through this structure, the directors of the cooperative wanted to combine the best of the bond that has always supported our valleys, namely agriculture and tourism, which are the fundamental resources for development of the community of Livigno. 


storiaUntil just over 50 years ago, the valley of Livigno was completely isolated in winter. Until then, subsistence of the inhabitants of our valleys was based on livestock products: meat, wool and especially milk. Reaching the nearby Switzerland or the Valtellina on foot, butter and cheese were exchanged for basic necessities such as flour and salt. 

Ever since ancient times, cheese and butter have been the mainstay of this Alpine town, one of the highest above sea level in Europe.

Laboratori di produzione


foto laboratorioLe ampie finestre che si affacciano sul torrente Spool e sulla pista ciclo-pedonale invitano a curiosare all’interno dei laboratori della Latteria di Livigno, cosi come le vetrate del tunnel da cui dall’alto si seguono le fasi della lavorazione del latte.

La Latteria di Livigno coniuga la tradizione di un’economia contadina rispettosa della natura, alla modernità di una tecnologia che garantisce altissimi standard qualitativi. Macchinari di ultima generazione per la lavorazione e la trasformazione del latte: potrete osservare per esempio il sofisticato impianto per la produzione di UHT tra i primi in Europa, che abbatte la carica batterica del latte mediante delle iniezioni dirette di vapore che portano la temperatura a 143°C per pochissimi secondi. La sala di produzione del burro, le polivalenti dove avviene la caseificazione, i fermentatori per lo yogurt; gli impianti firmati REDA (VI) assicurano una qualità certa, concreta e verificabile. Nel laboratorio analisi della Latteria quotidianamente controlliamo il latte raccolto verificando che ciascun campione sia conforme ai criteri dettati dal rigido regolamento interno. Inoltre, un sistema di tracciabilità consente di ripercorrere tutte la fasi di lavorazione e garantisce al consumatore la genuinità dei prodotti della Latteria di Livigno.



agricolturaThe Latteria di Livigno stems from the desire to promote the development of the mountain environment and its economy. Small milk producers united in a cooperative have given rise to a structure which, alongside the processing of dairy products, offers residents and visitors a chance to experience first-hand all the goodness of our milk. You can visit our laboratories, sample our products at Bar Bianco or on a large outdoor terrace, and admire antique farm equipment in the small museum.

For over 50 years, the Latteria di Livigno has processed and transformed the most genuine milk. The dairy is located in a setting of unspoiled nature, surrounded by Alpine meadows and green forests, in a context traditionally dedicated to the processing of milk and its derivatives: a territory where man and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

The authenticity and quality of products is guaranteed by pasture breeding during the summer months, the feeding of livestock on the basis of selected feed and fodder, daily analysis on the quality of the milk and a strict protocol for processing the raw material.

latteriaThe Latteria di Livigno combines the tradition of a rural economy respectful of nature the most modern production technologies and the latest machinery for milk processing. These characteristics of tradition and innovation provide superior quality products, a quality that is concrete and demonstrable.



Production laboratories


foto laboratorioThe large windows that overlook the river Spool and a foot and cycle path invite you to take a look inside the Latteria di Livigno’s laboratories of, as well as the windows of the tunnel through which the phases of milk processing can be followed from above.

The Latteria di Livigno combines the tradition of a rural economy respectful of nature with modern technology that ensures high quality standards. There is latest generation machinery for the processing and transformation of milk: you can see, for example, the sophisticated plant for the production of UHT, among the leaders in Europe, which reduces the bacterial load of milk by direct injection of steam that brings the temperature to 143 °C for a few seconds.  The production hall of butter, which is polyvalent making cheese, yogurt for the fermenters, the plants signed REDA (VI) ensure a reliable quality, concrete and verifiable. In the laboratory analysis of the collected milk dairy daily check and found that each sample meets the criteria laid down rigid rules of procedure. In addition, a traceability system allows you to revisit all the phases and guarantees consumers the authenticity of the products of the dairy Livigno.


Latteria Livigno un Certificato di Eccellenza 2013

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