Production laboratories
Production laboratories


foto laboratorioThe large windows that overlook the river Spool and a foot and cycle path invite you to take a look inside the Latteria di Livigno’s laboratories of, as well as the windows of the tunnel through which the phases of milk processing can be followed from above.

The Latteria di Livigno combines the tradition of a rural economy respectful of nature with modern technology that ensures high quality standards. There is latest generation machinery for the processing and transformation of milk: you can see, for example, the sophisticated plant for the production of UHT, among the leaders in Europe, which reduces the bacterial load of milk by direct injection of steam that brings the temperature to 143 °C for a few seconds.  The production hall of butter, which is polyvalent making cheese, yogurt for the fermenters, the plants signed REDA (VI) ensure a reliable quality, concrete and verifiable. In the laboratory analysis of the collected milk dairy daily check and found that each sample meets the criteria laid down rigid rules of procedure. In addition, a traceability system allows you to revisit all the phases and guarantees consumers the authenticity of the products of the dairy Livigno.


Latteria Livigno un Certificato di Eccellenza 2013

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