agricolturaThe Latteria di Livigno stems from the desire to promote the development of the mountain environment and its economy. Small milk producers united in a cooperative have given rise to a structure which, alongside the processing of dairy products, offers residents and visitors a chance to experience first-hand all the goodness of our milk. You can visit our laboratories, sample our products at Bar Bianco or on a large outdoor terrace, and admire antique farm equipment in the small museum.

For over 50 years, the Latteria di Livigno has processed and transformed the most genuine milk. The dairy is located in a setting of unspoiled nature, surrounded by Alpine meadows and green forests, in a context traditionally dedicated to the processing of milk and its derivatives: a territory where man and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

The authenticity and quality of products is guaranteed by pasture breeding during the summer months, the feeding of livestock on the basis of selected feed and fodder, daily analysis on the quality of the milk and a strict protocol for processing the raw material.

latteriaThe Latteria di Livigno combines the tradition of a rural economy respectful of nature the most modern production technologies and the latest machinery for milk processing. These characteristics of tradition and innovation provide superior quality products, a quality that is concrete and demonstrable.




Latteria Livigno un Certificato di Eccellenza 2013

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